Because the world is a zoo

What I Offer

What I offer is to lessen the stress of finding a business idea that suits you, and give you options of diffferent business ideas that work, and some that you wouldn’t have thought of.

All this is free and with no catch. Take your lists and see if there is something on there that is your dream business, and move on. If you need more help, I’m available for paid mentoring to help you get started.

Here is how it works:

1, Message or call me with an enquiry

Contact me and give me some details about yourself, your experience, and your dreams.

2, I’ll email you some forms to fill out

Please fill,out these forms honestly to give me a detailed idea of what you may like to do, what you’re capable of and what you may need to do, and gaps in the market.

3, List

After I have your forms back I’ll do some research and send you a list of some businesses that might suit you, and what you will need to start with each.

I don’t keep your email address or any details so you won’t be getting spam emails or texts.