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Helping you find what you want to do, and start

Your dream business


Trying to find the right small business to start can be a struggle.

I have decades of experience in building small businesses, both successful, and complete flops, so I have the experience to help you on your journey.

First, a reality check.

If you want to start an easy business with a low barrier to entry, you will be competing with thousands of other people doing the same thing. If it’s easy for you, it’s easy for everyone, and the chance that you will make it to the first page of Google will be practically nil.

It is very difficult to succeed with easy businesses like website design, virtual assistant, SEO and web management, dropshipping, personal coaching etc. If you want to succeed in business, choose something with a higher barrier to entry, like businessess that need courses and education, physical work, or is regulated and needs licensing.


I can help you find a suitable business idea that suits your personality, assets, and goals

Catering to everyone

Whether you want just a casual side hussle or a full time business.

Detailed list

With the information you give me I will come up with a list of possible and innovative businesses that you may not have even thought of, as well as what you will need to start.

Who We Are


At this time in my life I have the time and inclination to give back.

I also make money from ongoing mentoring for those who wish to have ongoing help until they get on their feet..

Contact me and we’ll get started.

I’ll email you a couple of lists to fill out – your stregths and weakenesses, as well as what you want to do, and what you may be capable of in business. These will be extensive which will let me get a good understanding of your needs.

Saving you time

Don’t you have more to do with your time and energy than spending hours on the computer looking for business ideas?

Quick response

I’ll get back to your enquiry quickly, so we can get moving on your business

Just what you need

As well as a list of business ideas, you will get information on how to start, and what you need for the ones I think are most suited to you.

No ask is too small

Don’t be embarrassed to ask me to look for ideas that are small or imaginative.


If you want ongoing mentorship, I’m happy to help with advice or an ear to help you get started, just ask. My fees are reasonable.

Friendly and helpful

You are important to me.

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